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Creatively Crafted Benefit Packages

Staffing agencies, like All About People, work with companies to help define job requirements and locate talent who can meet these needs. One part of this process is learning about the benefits offered to a potential employee when a job offer is made. This is important because the benefits package is one tool that agencies use to help position potential employers favorably in the eyes of the recruit. Because of this, we’ve heard clever new benefits that are being used to meet the needs of today’s workforce by touching on the increasing demand for work-life balance, as well as personal well-being and workplace enjoyment. 

Professional development. Today’s employees understand that they will most likely be changing companies several times throughout their careers. Because of this, they recognize the importance of establishing a personal career plan, and they accept positions that will prepare them for their next step. This makes professional development opportunities important. New ways of providing development options include:

  • Online training budgets
  • Programs to help people complete either an undergraduate or advanced degree
  • Monthly industry speakers
  • Paid memberships to professional organizations

Flexible work schedules. Flexible work schedules are in demand. People want more control over when and how they work. Because today’s work has become so integrated with life, people are seeking new ways to manage their work and personal schedules. Options include:

  • Full-time telecommuting
  • Telecommuting on certain days of the week
  • Setting one’s own hours
  • Job sharing
  • Sabbaticals. This is a great option if retention is an issue. A sabbatical is a longer vacation period offered to employees at specified anniversaries.
  • Winter closing
  • Reduced summer hours
  • Comp time. This is a particularly useful benefit if the culture expects long hours or frequent off-schedule work time.

 Office culture. People spend many hours a week in the office. They want to feel good about the environment in which they work and have a bit of fun during the day. There are endless ways to help create an office culture that will excite employees. Some include:

  • Paid time off for volunteering
  • Periodic collections for food banks or other charitable organizations
  • On-site food trucks
  • Free massages or mani/pedis
  • Board and video games at the office
  • Lounge areas
  • Free food or drinks
  • Weekly social get-togethers

Work-life balance. Much like flexible work schedules, benefits that make it easier for people to balance the strain between work and personal demands are becoming increasingly popular. Creative ideas include:

  • Parking passes for in-city locations
  • Alternative transportation options
  • Pet care
  • On-site child care
  • Dry cleaning pickup at the office
  • Monthly house cleaning
  • Discounted cell phone plans
  • Discounted travel

Health and well-being. Today more than ever, people have options with their health care coverage. They are better educated about what insurance options exist and want to make the most of the dollars that they contribute to their health care and personal well-being efforts. Employers are trying to ways to help people manage their options and stay healthy, such as:

  • Online health care tools
  • Health club memberships
  • Rewards for reaching fitness goals
  • Wearables for health monitoring
  • Fruit and healthy beverages on site

If you are looking to retain top talent, consider incorporating some of these ideas into your benefits package. Depending on your organization’s makeup, some may make more sense than others, but thinking creatively can help your company attract the type of worker that you need today. Once your benefits have been established, staffing companies like All About People are able to use these to position your company favorably in a candidate’s mind, getting them excited about joining your organization.