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Four Signs Your Organization Needs Help


Making the decision to bring on new employees can be difficult. Obviously, doing so means additional expenses, but it also means you’ll need to put in the time to get the person up to speed and that there will be disruption among your team. (Presumably this will be positive disruption, but nonetheless, new people mean change.) Because of this, it’s not a choice that organizations take lightly.


All About People, a nationwide staffing and recruiting firm, works with companies to evaluate their hiring needs and streamline the hiring process so it is as easy as possible for all involved. As experts in this area, they have identified the following as the top four reasons that it is time to move forward with the hiring process. Organizations need to bring in additional help when:

Short Staffed.  The most obvious reason for an organization to need help is simply that more hands are needed to get more work done. By adding new people, an organization is able to expand its capacity to get more work done.

Additional skills are required.  There are many instances where an organization must evaluate its current resources and may determine that additional or unique skills are required to be successful simply aren’t available internally. Consider this an opportunity to bring in a new hire who has the strengths, skills and ideas needed to drive your business forward.

Strategy needs go unaddressed. Sometimes, as the pace of work becomes more frantic, managers and executives dive in to help get the day-to-day work done. While this can be good for the team in the short term, it has long-term consequences for the company as a whole, because it means that strategic thinking required for continued business growth and direction is being put aside. Strategy is a critical part of any business’ success; it is what keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of products, services and delivery, so when the day-to-day work starts to creep into your time for executing the game plan, consider hiring.

Morale is down. Being short-staffed contributes to low morale. When people feel like expectations are too high, because they are spread to thin, they become disgruntled. People who are working longer hours on a consistent basis become disenchanted with their roles. While there could certainly be other contributing factors to low morale, if your organization is looking to make improvements in this area, consider how hiring new team members can help.

Of course, each organization is different, and there are many other reasons why a business may want to consider bringing on new staff, but these are the four top reasons that repeatedly inspire organizations to seek help. If you are experiencing any of the above within your organization, consider your staffing needs and work with All About People, to bring in new personnel so you can boost productivity, add just the right skills and get back to the critical thinking necessary to take your business to the next level.