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Looking to Hire New Grads? How to Recruit Top New Talent for Your Company

Spring is the season of rebirth, representing opportunity and growth. It’s fitting that for college seniors, spring is also the end of their undergraduate careers, and the start of their “real lives.” Continue reading

You’re hired! The All About People Process

Looking for new employees can be time consuming. It takes real work to find the perfect fit for your company, and it can be costly if you end up hiring someone who isn’t right for the job. When you don’t do this all the time, it can be hard to even know where to begin the hiring process. That’s why we’re here to help! All About People helps you from start to finish, crafting Continue reading

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Find New Employees in 2016


2016 is finally here, and we’re seeing lots of expansion in tons of industries across the country. Is your company a part of the excitement? If so, the best way to start preparing for new growth is to start finding new talent! Check out these growing jobs for 2016 that All About People can help you fill: Continue reading

HOLIDAY HIRING | How to turn a seasonal job into a permanent position

cleveland hit

CLEVELAND – There are more than a half-million seasonal jobs up for grabs. So, how do you turn one of those jobs into a permanent position?

Tyler Barker was a seasonal employee brought on at the Cleveland Clothing Company during the Christmas rush last year. Nearly 12 months later, he’s still on the payroll.

Terri Ford with All About People, a national staffing and recruiting company, said maintaining a seasonal position post holiday rush really begins with your mindset.

One pitfall seasonal workers should avoid if they’re looking for long-term employment is to not play up employee discounts offered by retailers.

For more tips on how to turn a seasonal job into a permanent position, watch the video here.




All About People on KVOA Tucson

Dana Ammons, from All About People in southern Arizona, provides tips for teens looking for work. Especially in today’s society, being mindful of your social media profiles is important. Make sure there’s no inappropriate pictures of photos available for public view.

Also, as Dana says, “If you are sixteen and over and don’t have a profile on LinkedIn you’re missing out on a lot of job opportunities.”

Click the image below to watch the complete video. Or click here.

Dana Ammons of All About People






Job Search Outlook 2015

It’s that time again, the start of a new year. With the start of a brand new year always comes predictions, forecasts, and outlooks to get everyone off on the right foot. But your career search is probably the most important indicator of how your 2015 is going to go.

So we completely understand that you need to know how the job market will look in the year ahead. Well rest assured, because we gathered all the information you need to know to power up your job search in 2015.

The Job Market in 2015

The Outlook for the year ahead is optimistic and continues with the 2014 trend of increasing optimism for businesses and job searchers alike. However, the year ahead is predicted to be much more stable than in the past few years. That means that businesses are looking to hire more new candidates in 2015 at a steady rate instead of sporadically or not at all.

That’s not all, looking at the year ahead, approximately 19% of employers plan to hire in the first quarter and almost three-fourths of employers plan to expand their businesses. For those currently working there is still good news, approximately 71% of employers plan to increase employee salaries. Of course, the job growth outlook varies by industry and city but by all accounts you are looking at a great year to find the perfect career move. In fact, all 50 states have positive hiring outlooks for 2015.

All About People Tips to Power up your Job Search in 2015

Find out if you’re recruiter-friendly. A recruiter can help you find the opportunities you don’t know exist and connect you with the right people. If you find your job search is a little stalled or could you use a helping hand then talk to a recruiter. Find out how they can help you.
Perfect your resume. A growing concern for employers is lackluster resumes. So stand out from the crowd this year with a polished, professional resume.
Start Right Now. Don’t waste any time this year. If you’re ready for a change then get going on your career search as soon as possible. You can’t be too early but you can be too late.

Above all, do your research in 2015. Find out how your industry and city are predicted to fare in the year ahead. Find out how to make the move that’s right for you. Talk to a recruiter to position yourself for success no matter where you are.