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The Top 10 Do’s to Create the Right Resume

Top 10 Resume Must-Haves

Top 10 Resume Must-Haves








Your resume is an important tool in your job search efforts. In fact, it is often the first thing a potential employer sees from you. So they use it to decide whether or not they should bring you in for an interview.

Of course, the interview is your ultimate goal, so you need to perfect your resume to help you stand out from all the other job seekers. First of all, your resume should be error free since misspellings can mean an automatic rejection. But that isn’t the only “to-do” you need to complete on your resume to beat out the competition.


We present our top 10 DO’s to create the perfect resume:


    1. Format your resume into recommended categories such as Professional Experience, Education & Certifications, and Associations.
    2. Utilize a summary of your skills at the top of the resume, rather than an objective statement
    3. List your past 10 years of professional experience.
    4. Put your education and ‘certifications and associations’ sections last, unless you have less than 10 years of experience.
    5. Create a short paragraph highlighting each position’s scope of responsibilities.
    6. Use bullet points to highlight accomplishments, not tasks, underneath your responsibilities paragraph.
    7. Clearly identify measurable results and accomplishments: dollars saved, percentage increases or decreases, time it took to accomplish the goals, etc. Include these in your accomplishments section.
    8. Include one or two sentences describing the company, industry, size and relevant factors about each company you have worked for under your bullet points of accomplishments.
    9. Use action verbs throughout your resume, such as initiated, established, analyzed, executed, organized, etc.
    10. Keep your resume to 2 pages or less and print your resume on white or off-white paper with basic fonts that are size 10-12 points


Now you’re on your way to putting together the resume that will get you in the door for an interview. Are you “Resume Ready?”

Be sure to check back in soon for our top 10 resume DON’Ts!