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What Makes an Employee Love Their Work?

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Are your employees in love with your business? Passion and dedication are important for employees to be engaged and productive at the office. Well, what makes employees love both their work and your business?

When they feel ownership and responsibility

Employees need to feel that they are important at work. The best way to make them feel important is to give them ownership of their tasks. When they feel that they own the work they do and that they are fully responsible for its success, they will feel much more connected to the outcome. Furthermore, employees need to understand how their work helps the company now and in the future. This will increase their sense of ownership and responsibility with their everyday work.

When they feel included

No one likes to be in the dark. That includes your employees in the office. That doesn’t mean you need to tell them everything that goes on with the business, but keep them involved and informed as often as possible with important decisions. You should especially keep employees in the loop on matters that impacts their position within the company. Make sure they understand how they contribute to future plans as well as what the company’s long-term goals are. When appropriate, foster an even greater sense of inclusion by asking for employee input on projects and ideas for the business.

When they receive recognition

Employees need acknowledgment when their hard work pays off for the business. Whether it’s a bonus, a public announcement at a company meeting or a private meeting, be sure to tell your employees when they’ve done a good job. It will go a long way in making employees feel adequately recognized and appreciated.

When they have a good work/life balance

Employees are truly engaged at the office when they feel that they can be truly engaged at home. That means putting policies in place that help workers feel that there is a clear separation between work hours and home hours. Implement a hard cutoff for emails and phone calls outside business hours, and encourage employees to take breaks during the day. These practices will make workers feel that their time is valuable to you and that will, in turn, build respect.

Finally, appropriate pay and company perks help employees feel happy with their jobs, but they tend to rank last for true happiness at the office.