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Career Staffing & Recruiting

You’re hired! The All About People Process

Looking for new employees can be time consuming. It takes real work to find the perfect fit for your company, and it can be costly if you end up hiring someone who isn’t right for the job. When you don’t do this all the time, it can be hard to even know where to begin the hiring process. That’s why we’re here to help! All About People helps you from start to finish, crafting a specialized hiring process for your company’s individual needs. We work with you to find top talent that fits your culture and exceeds your qualifications. All About People’s Six-Step Power Up Process™ is proven to help you find the best of the best.

Step 1: Identification

This step is all about YOU. Before we can look for a good fit for your company’s open position, we have to learn your needs, requirements and culture. We want to know you inside and out before looking at a single candidate. After our analysis, we’ll put together a document that captures all these things so we can start “selling” your company to the top potential candidates.

Step 2: Research

Next, we’ll do the research necessary to find the best person for the job. We’ll spend hours searching online and offline, making calls, using our network of contacts and using any of the resources available to us to find the most qualified candidates who will also fit your company’s culture and values.

Step 3: Recruiting

After we’ve found a selection of great potential candidates, we’ll begin the recruiting process. And the best part? We do all the work! We will call, pre-screen and sell the job to each candidate. You don’t have to lift a finger as we find the best match for your company. We even talk to candidates employed by competitors in your industry.

Step 4: Assessment

From there, we’ll narrow the pool of candidates to the very best people for the position. We’ll take them through behavioral screening, targeted interview techniques and other interview processes specialized for your company’s individual needs. This way, we can find the best possible candidates that fit your qualifications, as well as your culture.

Step 5: Interviewing

With this narrowed pool of candidates, we’ll start the interview process. We do all the interviewing to identify the best talent for your company’s consideration. We’ll also work to continually improve your hiring process by providing market and candidate feedback.

Step 6: Acceptance

This is the final step in the process. Once the desired candidate is identified, we’ll help you negotiate the hiring package and everything surrounding the employment offer. We give hands-on help to make sure your top candidate gets hired.

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