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April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professionals

In many businesses, the administrative staff keeps everything humming along like it should. This might sound straightforward, but it can encompass a lot of responsibilities you wouldn’t usually see in the job description. Many executives freely admit they would not be able to function without the help of administrative workers on their staff. In 1952, a holiday was created to offer the administrative workers in our offices the recognition and thanks they deserve. Here’s why we at All About People love working with administrative professionals.


According to Lily Rothman in Time magazine, the holiday was made during World War II in response to a shortage of administrative workers in businesses and organizations and the economic boom the country was experiencing. So to recognize the contributions of secretaries and encourage more people to enter the industry, the National Secretaries Association was founded, and National Secretaries Week was born soon after. This holiday was shortened to just a day in 1955, and the name was changed to Administrative Professionals’ Day in 2000 to encompass the wide range of job responsibilities and possible titles for administrative workers.


Administrative professionals deserve a day of recognition because much of what they do happens in the background. As an administrative professional, the way you know you’re doing your job well is that no one notices your job is being done at all. But the amount of work it takes to keep a company operating under the pressure of today’s business world is staggering, and taking a day to recognize the administrative staff who make it all happen is the least we can do.


All About People loves administrative professionals because they pair a friendly attitude with a get-stuff-done mentality, and they are the force behind the good work a company does. They are happy to go above and beyond to personally ensure excellence in all they do. They are the ones who represent their companies without fanfare, and they are the first to take on what might seem like unglamorous work.


So on April 27th, don’t forget to thank the administrative professionals in your office who do the difficult work of keeping things running smoothly. And if reading this article made you realize your office could use an administrative professional’s help, give All About People a call today to get help finding the right talent!