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Are You Seeking an Individual Contributor or a Manager?

If you were looking for an administrative assistant, your first stop probably wouldn’t be the LinkedIn page for a software developer. Similarly, if you are looking for a worker to lead your team, you want someone with leadership experience, rather than someone who has only been an individual contributor.

All About People understands the difference in recruiting methods required to find people appropriate for either kind of position, and our perspective on business operations has helped thousands find their next careers. Let us show you how we can fill all your open positions, from entry-level all the way to the executive office!

For an individual contributor, the search might seem simple. Just look for someone with experience in the same or similar role, interview, hire, and you’re done. But because many individual contributor positions are entry-level, many people who already have experience will be looking for more responsibilities and higher pay. The best candidates might actually be those with relatively little experience, since they tend to be more trainable and more eager to get their hands dirty. Individual contributor positions are also a popular destination for people who are looking for a mid-career change.

Meanwhile, the best managers have more than just experience in their repertoire. Managers need a number of intangible skills that will help them see the big picture of their team’s daily work and keep their employees happy, motivated and productive. They need to not only understand the mission of their company and how they contribute to it but also how each member of their team supports the big picture. These are qualities that can be hard to see on a resume, but thorough interviews tend to do a great job of determining the best candidates for management positions.

All About People has honed a strategic approach to targeting for either type of role, based on the needs of the organization and its primary company goals. This process includes a thorough series of interviews before a candidate is even considered for a particular open position. Once candidates have undergone the initial interviews, All About People conducts situational and behavioral interviews to assess an individual’s fit within a particular company culture. These steps are just as important for either type of position, because studies show that teams are at their happiest and most productive when the members get along well. Cultural fit at all levels is something that needs to be considered in order to maintain an amazing work environment at your company.

All About People knows that hiring is a delicate process, and there are many ways to make a bad choice. If the recruiting firm you’re using has no plan to differentiate its targeting based on the organizational level of the position, you might want to look for a new one!