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Career Staffing & Recruiting

All About People really cares about their candidates. Everyone I met with in the office has a wonderful personality and a smile on their face. I have been working with them since April of 2015 and it has been a wonderful experience that I would not change. – Alex, All About People Candidate

Ready for Your Next Career Move?

Getting hired in today’s world takes more than having the right skills and experience. It takes having the right attitude, too. More and more companies are looking for a cultural fit along with technical capabilities. When you work with All About People, we’ll discover who you are, how you work, how you like to be rewarded and more—well beyond the traditional skill assessment. You discover your strengths along with areas you can improve.

The Bottom Line…

  • Knowing our clients’ needs means that when we recommend you, you can be confident that you are qualified.
  • Partnering with our clients means they trust us, so your resume gets more attention.
  • Following up with our clients means we get the valuable feedback you need to grow, develop and land the position you’ve always wanted.

It is our mission to keep you employed.

If Not Now…Then When?

Companies across the country are looking for candidates just like you. If you are looking for a great opportunity – you found the right firm!


Five Pre-interview Prep Musts

circle11. Do your research

Understand the company history and product or service offering.

circle22. Be clear about what you can offer the company

Communicate relevant and measurable accomplishments.

circle33. Look the part

Always dress professionally.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

circle44. Plan ahead

Know your travel route and directions; allow extra time for unexpected delays; bring several copies of your typo-free resume; arrive 15 minutes early; and show up with a smile and a positive attitude!

circle55. Ask questions

Prepare a minimum of 5 thoughtful questions specific to the opportunity and company. Asking questions demonstrates to the interviewer your interest in the position.

When It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Career


When you work with All About People, we’ll guide you every step of the way, but it’s up to you to do the hard work! We will encourage you to get out of hope mode and embrace the skills and attitude it will take to land your dream job.


Hire Vision® Services to Get You Results

Hire Vision® is a fee-based coaching resource that applies the best skills and experiences of the All About People team to your career aspirations. With Hire Vision® you get one-on-one career coaching and consultation in personal and professional development.


Hire Vision® Coaching

Need a little more direction? Looking for guidance? Let All About People help you discover your unique gifts and talents and show you how to put them to use in your next career move. You have to be willing to work on yourself and your future, so if you’re ready for us, we’re ready for you.

Hire Vision® Recruiting

Let us help you find your next position and move your career to the next level. This is more than submitting your resume and waiting for a call. We will assess your skills and show you how to improve your resume and prepare you for your interviews. Be ready to stop hoping for your dream job and get busy making it happen.

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