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How To Foster A Culture of Engagement

Employee engagement can be an ever-present struggle for business owners. It can be hard to get employees to believe in their work deeply enough to build success for your company. But engagement can be built into your daily business practices, simply by taking steps to change your culture. Your office culture is something that can arise organically, through your daily interactions. This might make it seem like something that’s out of your control, but the truth is that as a business owner, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building your company culture, whether you realize it or not. At All About People, we spend our days working to find the best fit employees for our client organizations, and here are the best ways we have found to influence a company’s culture from the ground up and encourage employee engagement on every level.


Your hiring decisions are your first chance to build your company’s culture. There’s a reason Walt Disney World hires for “attitude, not aptitude.” The personalities of the people you hire are a huge influence on your office’s culture, because the tone of your workers’ interactions permeates any work they do. To attract the right people from the job description to the interview, make enthusiasm for the role and passion for the work a priority when writing the job description. In the interview, structure your questions to find out how engaged the employee was at their last role. This can be a good way to find out whether they will bring that fire to a role with you.


Workplace policies are another moving piece you can change to construct your company’s culture. Building policies that value passion over competition are going to bring out the best ideas in your team. This might mean changing the list of things that earn rewards from management. When employees know their ideas and work are valued, they are much more likely to take risks, and possibly contribute your company’s next gamechanger. Rewards for employees who speak up often at meetings or thinking of new ways to contribute to the larger goals of the company are a great way to encourage your employees to be invested in your company.


The final piece is your own behavior. Your employees will learn from you first about how they should treat their job. Workplace policies should apply to you as well, and you should avoid skipping work or being uninformed of what’s going on in the various departments or segments of your business. By modeling the behavior you expect from your employees, you show that no one is exempt from the standards you hold. It really becomes a team effort, and your results will show the difference!


Employee engagement can be built into your company’s culture, and all it takes is some careful cultural engineering on your part. From the very beginning, set your business up for phenomenal success by prioritizing engagement and passion at every level of your company. You’ll see the difference quickly when you give your business a cultural makeover!