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Four Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Use a Recruiting Firm

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Nonprofit organizations are the lifeblood of many communities, and according to this study by Nonprofit HR, they are the segment of commercial organizations experiencing the greatest staffing growth. Even throughout the economic downturn, nonprofits maintained staffing levels, and some even grew. However, most nonprofits do not have standard recruiting, hiring and retention practices, and in this market, with the need for quality employees rising each day, that can be a serious hindrance. Read on to find out how a recruiting firm can make a difference for nonprofits!


  1. They already have a system in place. According to this report, 67 percent of nonprofits do not have a formal recruiting budget. This means that most lack the expertise, the spare time and the energy to take on the extra responsibility of finding job candidates. This can end up making the hiring process a huge waste of time and money. On the other hand, a recruiting firm can spend an hour and have a working list of candidates to start with, because there is already a recruiting and hiring process in place.
  2. The firm will use detailed interviews and assessments to deliver candidates that best match your needs. The hiring process is tailored to your particular business needs, so in addition to knowing that the candidate your firm suggests is a great employee, you can also have the assurance that this person will meet the specific requirements of your organization. All About People performs two interviews with candidates before that person is even considered for a job, and then further interviews and assessments ensure they’re the right fit. Your interviews with candidates will be more productive, because these candidates have already been through a rigorous evaluation to make sure they would be good fit for your organization.
  3. It saves money. When your company operates on a nonprofit budget, all choices need to be made with budget and utility in mind. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that making a bad hire can waste about a third of that position’s salary in searching for a replacement and covering that position’s responsibilities. This is money you can’t afford to waste, and when there’s a better option, why would you?
  4. Recruiting firms can bring in a wide variety of candidates who might otherwise have never heard your message. One of the biggest benefits of a staffing and recruiting firm is the massive outreach campaign they can perform for you. In addition to listing the position on various job boards and databases, they also have large networks of stellar employees they can reach out to directly. Most of the best candidates are already in positions and not actively looking for jobs, but a compelling opportunity from a recruiter they know can be convincing enough to woo them to your organization.
  5. It can be hard for candidates to find jobs in the nonprofit sector without help. The nonprofit industry has historically been very hard for candidates to get into, and many will be unsure of how to find a job within that sector. By going through a recruiting firm, the candidate will have more confidence in the process and can quickly determine whether the position is right for them in the first place.


Nonprofits can do great work on small budgets, especially when they have tools to make their daily work easier. The less nonprofit employees have to focus on administrative tasks like hiring, the more time they have to work toward their company’s mission. So if your nonprofit is growing its staff, reach out to All About People and see how we can help.