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Looking to Hire New Grads? How to Recruit Top New Talent for Your Company

Spring is the season of rebirth, representing opportunity and growth. It’s fitting that for college seniors, spring is also the end of their undergraduate careers, and the start of their “real lives.”

May starts off college graduation season, and while many seniors have been searching for jobs for months, there is still time to reach out and find some excellent entry-level talent for your organization. If there’s one thing we know at All About People, it’s how to find and recruit the best, and here are our favorite strategies when it comes to bringing in top graduates.

1. Give them room to grow.

This is the time in their career that new graduates will want to spend exploring and finding what they’re best at. Offering a new graduate the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of disciplines and business functions is worthwhile, because these experiences are a great way to quickly build up a resume and learn about their own interests. Facilitating learning opportunities outside of work can also do wonders by building the skills of your workforce, and increasing their loyalty to your company. Today, learning doesn’t stop when you receive your diploma, and your workplace structure should be flexible enough to allow them to continue their education.

2. Offer them enough money.

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, 71 percent of college graduates had student loan debt to pay off in 2012. If you hope to attract one or more of these graduates to your business, your offers must be structured with the awareness that a college graduate now must have enough income to live and pay their debts. This means no unpaid internships or paltry living stipends. A student paying an average of $280 per month for their loan, plus rent, utilities, food and other obligations, is not going to be as flexible with their starting salary.

3. Give them a voice.

No one likes to feel unimportant, but for many new graduates, an entry-level position means accepting that people in the office won’t respect your opinion or acknowledge your ideas. A lack of experience is not always a hindrance, and listening to someone with a different perspective can open your eyes to new possibilities. Giving new graduates the confidence to speak up and voice their thoughts or concerns is a great way to make them feel like a valued member of the team.

4. Don’t overwork them.

We get it, new employees need to pay their dues. But one of the fastest ways to make an employee want to quit is by not respecting their time, and overloading them with an unrealistic to-do list. This is a trap many offices can find themselves in when older workers begin asking for more time off to spend with children or on other outside tasks. While these new graduates might not always have the same desires and obligations, it’s important that they not be forced to pick up the responsibilities of other employees. It’s unfair, and your new grads will quickly begin to resent working for you.

5. Give them flexibility.

Studies have shown that today’s new graduates value flexibility more than almost anything else an employer could offer them. Today’s young people no longer define themselves solely by their career, and they are seeking more time for their outside interests and social lives. Many business owners see this as selfish, but it’s simply a mental shift from previous generations, which often placed an individual’s value in what they did for a career.

New graduates are prime talent for organizations looking to fill entry level positions. But to attract them, you have to know how to give them what they want and need in their career. To get the best, you have to be the best. Let us know if you’ve found any other tips that work well to attract new graduates to your company!