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How to Make Your First Day on the Job Awesome


Starting a new job is exciting but it’s also very nerve-racking. You want to make the right first impression, but what if you do everything wrong?Will your boss think she made a bad choice in hiring you?

Don’t worry, if you screw up on your first day you can recover. And usually your new boss will realize that it is your first day and give you some slack. “Most of the time you are considered in the honeymoon period and you have a lot of leeway to screw up, which you don’t have once you’ve been on board for six months,” Wendy Capland, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting, a leadership development firm, told MadameNoire. “There really isn’t much you can do, within reason that would be considered a screw up. Most people think, ‘Well, she didn’t know any better because she’s new here. Let’s give her the information she needs so it doesn’t happen again.’”

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