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All About People Co-Founders on Entrepreneur

The co-founders of All About People, a recruiting and staffing franchise, have become contributors to the prestigious Entrepreneur Magazine. Continue reading

All About People Featured on

We are officially in the holiday season! And with the holiday season comes seasonal employment. Many retailers and businesses are in the middle of hiring employees to help them navigate the busy holiday sales that are coming in the next month or two. Continue reading

Meghan and Courtland Fable of All About People

All About People Franchisees: Meghan and Courtland Fable

The first franchise in any system can be a tall-order. But Meghan and Courtland (Court) Fable were up for the challenge. They opened up the first All About People franchise. Where is the first franchise located? Denver, Colorado – the hometown of both of them. Continue reading

All About People Featured in Arizona Republic

The rise and fall of job growth has been closely monitored nationwide in recent years. But particularly in Arizona where job growth has been expected to exceed the national average in the coming years. Continue reading

Founders Charles and Sherri Mitchell Featured on Channel 3

Us employers nationwide are advertising more job openings than in the past nearly 14 years. That’s big news. So Charles and Sherri Mitchell, co-founders of All About People, helped Channel 3 explain the current job market to job seekers. Continue reading

Holiday Hirings Advice from All About People

From Client to Franchisee: Dana Ammons

Have you ever loved working with a vendor so much you thought about joining their company? Well, Dana Ammons took it one step further. Continue reading

All About People Featured on Yahoo! Education

AAP_Yahoo! Education Screengrab

Have you heard? It’s the best time to be a nerd. Geeks and nerds run the show now, complete with their high-paying jobs. In fact, Yahoo! Education highlighted what jobs ‘nerds’ will really thrive in so that you too can take advantage of this ‘revenge of the nerds’. Continue reading

Co-Founder Sherri Mitchell Weighs In On Workplace Excuses With The Wall Street Journal

Our Co-Founder Sherri Mitchell Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger.

At All About People, we understand the difference between a good excuse and bad excuse. In fact, the difference between the two can make a big difference throughout your career. Continue reading