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Bringing Recruitment Help to Atlanta and Chicago


All About People is all about growing in 2016! Since January of 2015, All About People has opened six new locations, including the most recent—Atlanta, Georgia, and Chicago, Illinois.

The owners are four incredibly well-qualified and successful people from private-sector backgrounds, and we are here to share their stories with you. So get ready to welcome Matt, Michelle, Jerome and Anjanette to the All About People family!

The Atlanta area is one of the biggest cities in the United States, and it’s a thriving environment for business. It is home to 5.3 million people and about 148,000 businesses. The people who live and work in Atlanta fuel it’s hustle and bustle nature, and this activity is set against a picturesque southern backdrop. And this is where Matt and Michelle Jordan call home. Michelle is a lawyer by trade, and spent several years working as an attorney before leaving her job to raise her children. Matt spent more than two decades at Bank of America, then moved into a management position at a technology firm. He and Michelle began looking into All About People in November of 2015, and the ink was drying on the franchising documents by April of this year. They opened on April 26, and they haven’t looked back.

“Atlanta is a vibrant, exciting market,” Matt said. “I think our business could really benefit others. Michelle and I were both looking for something new to get us inspired, and we definitely found it.”

Chicago is another high-octane region for business. The metropolitan website for Chicago states that it is the third-largest city in the world, with a population of nearly three million. It is home to a culturally diverse and exciting commercial landscape and a bustling tourism industry that welcomes nearly 40 million people to the city each year. This is the environment Jerome and Anjanette Byers chose to strike out on their own after long careers in the corporate world. Jerome built his professional experience at Citibank, where he worked with small businesses in the retail banking division and eventually managed the entire West Branch. Anjanette worked for several years in recruiting and human resources at the Federal Reserve branch in Jacksonville, Florida and at a marketing firm. They opened their franchise on May 2, and they already have plans to open more.

“Downtown Chicago is probably one of the best markets in the world,” Jerome said. “But our next office, in Jacksonville, is more personal. I went to school in Jacksonville, my wife and I met in Jacksonville, so the opportunity to give back to the city that has given us so much is very exciting.”

Both locations have already filled their offices with highly-qualified account executives, and they have begun filling orders for clients. And the trend of high growth is not quite ready to slow down for All About People. So if franchising sounds like the right decision for you, check out our franchising page and contact us today!