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Career Staffing & Recruiting

Our Six Steps to Recruiting


How much time do you devote to hiring? If you’re like most small business owners, the hiring process for a single employee can take an average of 38 hours. That’s more time than most people running a business can afford to spend, but you don’t want to sacrifice on candidate quality. When you hire All About People, that worry can be safely put to rest, because we take our time going through our six guaranteed steps for success.  Here is how we’re able to find and recruit the absolute best candidates for your business, and bring them to you all in record time.

  1. First, we do a top to bottom inventory, not only of your needs with this specific position, but within your company in general. We get to know your people and your culture, so that we have an intimate understanding of what makes your business hum. We use this information in every step of our search.
  2. We then begin finding candidates. Anyone can post to a job board, so we go further by reaching out to our vast network of contacts within your industry, even those at competing companies. We research these potential employees online and over the phone, doing our due diligence so you don’t have to.
  3. Recruiting is next, where we do the work of selling your business to this potential employee. They are encouraged to visit us for an interview to begin discussing what a future with your business would look like.
  4. An assessment is what really gets the ball rolling. When a candidate takes our assessment, we immediately are able to discern their skills and proficiencies, and can ensure that we are sending along a knowledgeable and capable potential employee. This is one of the most important steps we rely on to make hiring recommendations, and we hang our hat on the effectiveness and reliability of our assessments.
  5. Interviews are the next step for the candidates who make it past our assessments. These interviews are meant to get at what the candidate values in a workplace, what their working style is and how they approach interpersonal situations. Our questions determine with high levels of success whether a candidate is a good fit for an organization and a position.
  6. Finally, we select the candidate or candidates who best match what you are seeking, and offer them to you to confirm or deny. Because of our detailed and relentless process, you can rest assured that you’re reviewing the cream of the crop.


Ultimately, the decision of who to hire is up to you. But we think a little help from All About People could make what is normally an exhausting amount of work seem like a breeze. So try us out, and see what it’s like to have the legwork of hiring done for you!