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Why Is Summer a Good Time to Hire?

summer hiring

There’s no doubt that hiring picks up once budgets for the new year have been finalized. In some industries, businesses also dive into the hiring process seasonally, such as during the holidays or as the school year begins. Across the board, however, hiring tends to slow down in the summer months, which is a shame because there are tangible benefits to tackling your personnel needs during these hot, humid months.


Lighter Workload Internally

As the beach beckons, people are in and out of the office all summer long. From weekends away to two-week family vacations, it can be hard to have a full team on-site during July and August. Because of this, the pace at work tends to slow down, making it an ideal time to focus attention on hiring needs and take time out for interviewing. Imagine how much stress would be relieved if, when the pace picks back up in the fall, you were fully staffed and had the resources in place to tackle any new project that comes your way!


Motivated Candidate Pool

Those who are just thinking that a job change might be nice tend to put off their search until the first of the year. Conversely, those who actually need a job will start looking for an opportunity as soon as possible, making the summer talent pool motivated. These people are actively seeking employment and will be enthusiastic to be considered for their new position. As a company, this means less stress when it comes to making an offer and more excitement when the candidate says “yes”!


Effective On-Boarding

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, the benefit of hiring in the summer continues. Referring back to the fact that the office is generally slower during this season, the new employee has time to truly get up-to-speed on all of their tasks and responsibilities without the hectic day-to-day pace. As an added bonus, the days are longer and brighter, so people naturally have more energy and are able to give the extra effort that it takes to rapidly become a stellar employee.

This year, if you have vacancies to fill, consider tackling them during the heat of summer. It will make the process much less stressful for you and will provide you with quality candidates who will be able to make a difference to your organization even more quickly. To jump-start the process, work with a recruiting firm like All About People that can narrow down the talent pool and help you identify quality candidates before summer’s end.